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Probably the best game trailer (and Kickstarter video) *ever*

I’d forgotten what game adverts were like in the 90s. This is genuinely amazing.

The whole KS page is worth a read if you ever played a pirated FPS that required 5 floppy discs.

You survived the hell demons of DOOM, the pure evil of QUAKE and the insane Nazi regime of WOLFENSTEIN 3D. But nothing can prepare you for the depravity of deep space in STRAFE®.**


*The threat level STRAFE® poses to humanity is not currently quantifiable.

**Hardcore players only. Not recommended for children or elderly.

***If STRAFE® does melt your CPU, please send us a picture of the damage, so we can post it on Twitter. @STRAFEGAME

****STRAFE® will not literally kill you. Most likely. If by coincidence death does occur during a STRAFE® session, number one, what better way to go out, and two, we do not accept liability or responsibility. If you’re worried about the effects of hardcore gaming on your health, we encourage you to consider our $10,000 reward tier.


******Developing STRAFE® is a greater accomplishment, but that is not an accessible goal for you.

Computer Games

Fast Doom, Slow Doom

Doom II in 23:03. A wonderful dose of cacodemon nostalgia.

I played so much Doom II as a kid, I remember I had it split over 5 3.5″ floppies and the first computer I played it on churned it out at a painstaking handful of frames per second. The only way I could get it to play at normal speed was to reduce the window to the size of a matchbox. I still completed it though, multiple times. Though the rate it played at I would struggle to complete a pair of levels in 23 minutes.