The Veil

The elves of the veil live here. They call the forest V’ael (Immortal Shroud), and humans interpret that as “Veil.” Elves don’t know what this means.

Humans are happy calling it the Veil because the forest is constantly flooded with fog from the nearby sea.

The Elves of V’ael are immortal as long as they stay in the forest’s mist. Once they leave, they become mortal. A dying V’ael Elf who returns to the forest, is restored to youth.

Under the veil lies a sleeping dragon. Basharix. It is the source of the fog. The Elves of the Veil don’t know they’re protecting and ancient dragon. They worship the forest.

Some quick thoughts over lunch for the Elves of V’ael. There are few directions this could go, these are all looking at the fog that rolls in from the sea (the white fog also acts as a break between the green and blue).

Some thoughts:

  • The horizontal divisions (fesslets wavy – I love heraldic language!) are simpler but I do love the vertical tendrils of fog
  • As the elves worship the forest those tendrils could segue into a tree at the point of division so they’re simultaneously the fog tendrils and the roots (as the fog gives the elves life this would also make a suitable analogy). Could get complicated but worth a shot
  • Part of me would love to have just the hint of a dragon in there in an accidental way just as a nod to Basharix but not sure how to do that. Maybe if we have the tree the negative space could do something fun (though again, this could get complicated, the core of the arms should be simple) Edit: Simple isn’t the right word, reducible might be better. You should be able to strip it down to its core and have it still recognisable, but you can ornament the hell out of that core if you want to.
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