Tokyo Vice

This interview was posted on Boing Boing last week but I’ve only just got around to reading it. Jake Adelstein is an American journalist who for the past twelve years has been a crime reporter for Japan’s largest newspaper.

Reading the introduction to the interview I wonder if describing his exploits as “crazy adventures” gives them a misleadingly whimsical air.

And as I turned my back to leave, he jumped on me. He started hitting me really hard and kicking me. So I ran to the corner of his room and got a golf club, and kept hitting his knee until his knee broke. I was just running around in circles aiming at his knee. Even after his knee broke, he was still crawling at me. I was like, god! Why don’t you just give up?

Tokyo Vice is out in the UK in July (and it probably makes my ‘had a bath with a heavily-irezumi-ed man’ story look pretty shit)