If you haven’t heard of Broodhollow you should probably clear the rest of your day. Broodhollow is “a cosmic horror adventure comic set in the 1930s, done in the style of comics from that era” by Kris Straub (if you don’t know Kris Straub instantly check out chainsawsuit).

I lapped up the first chapter of Broodhollow (Curious Little Thing) but I’ve been saving Angleworm for a special treat on a cold winter’s evening in front of the fire. And that time is almost upon is.

The Kickstarter for physical copies of Broodhollow Vol 2 (Angleworm) is up and well worth your money. Not sure if you want to spend any money? Don’t worry, you can read the whole thing, right now, for free. The Kickstarter isn’t to fund the writing of the strip, the whole thing exists and you can read it right now. First page to the last.

And if you’re still not convinced it’s worth a look tell me Cadavre isn’t just the best.