Turns out there are far more themed Monopolies that I ever imagined. I’ve been babysitting John’s KISSopoly for a few years now and there are all the city variations but on the dog front alone there’s:

Puppyopoly, Dogopoly (plus Dachshundopoly, Pugopoly, Boxopoly, Labopoly, Yorkieopoly, I swear there’s one for every breed), Catopoly, Horseopoly, Wineopoly, Farmopoly, Bibleopoly, Photopoly, Ponyopoly, Baconopoly, Pirateopoly, Cocktailopoly, Fairyopoly, Princessopoly, Cycleopoly, Hold’emopoly, Fishingopoly, Penguinopoly, Earthopoly, Spaceopoly, Golfopoly, Candyopoly, Monsteropoly, Irelandopoly, Stitchopoly, Snowmanopoly, Bookopoly, Scubaopoly, Chocolateopoly, Rodeopoly, Zombieopoly, Dinopoly, Brewopoly.

It goes on. I guess it’s an incredibly low effort way to dish out a game.