Death Note, Outlander

These two have made up the majority of my recent viewing (on Netflix and Amazon Prime respectively).

Death Note started off as something I was watching attentively that drifted into background watching. When I saw there were almost 40 episodes I began to wonder how it was going to drag itself out though some of the twists around the halfway pint have got me interested again.

(For reference, a Death Note is a book belonging to a Shinigami, a god of death, when a human’s name is written in the book they die. Light Yagami, a human, gets his hands on a Death Note and starts to kill all criminals with the aim of creating a utopian world in which he is god. Trying to track him down is L the greatest detective the world has ever seen.)


Outlander started off as something I was watching in the background that I am now utterly gripped by. I just watched episodes seven and eight and my heart has been in my mouth more than it’s been in my chest.

Holy shit.

While he may have been a bit wet as Edmure Tully, Tobias Menzies is terrifying as Black Jack Randall.