Death Note, Outlander

These two have made up the majority of my recent viewing (on Netflix and Amazon Prime respectively).

Death Note started off as something I was watching attentively that drifted into background watching. When I saw there were almost 40 episodes I began to wonder how it was going to drag itself out though some of the twists around the halfway pint have got me interested again.

(For reference, a Death Note is a book belonging to a Shinigami, a god of death, when a human’s name is written in the book they die. Light Yagami, a human, gets his hands on a Death Note and starts to kill all criminals with the aim of creating a utopian world in which he is god. Trying to track him down is L the greatest detective the world has ever seen.)


Outlander started off as something I was watching in the background that I am now utterly gripped by. I just watched episodes seven and eight and my heart has been in my mouth more than it’s been in my chest.

Holy shit.

While he may have been a bit wet as Edmure Tully, Tobias Menzies is terrifying as Black Jack Randall.


Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is Better Than Life. With swords.

After dabbling in Attack on Titan I think I’m steadily getting into anime. AoT was good. Though not very nice. And there was a lot of shouting.

I’m not hooked by any means but Sword Art Online reminds me a lot of cartoons I’d watch as a kid and makes me want to play RPGs!


In possibly related news I’ve found a swordfighting class.

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