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I’m doing #swordvember this year (I was doing #mapvember too but I think maps should be like a once a week thing for me rather than a once a day – I get too bogged down overthinking them).

No problems overthinking swords though! Check out some of these dumb swords:


The last one is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s (the hilt of many blades).

Even though many (all?) of these are patently stupid I’m tempted to actually write up rules for them and render them all in a consistent style. Maybe stick it on DMs Guild for a buck or something!


Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is Better Than Life. With swords.

After dabbling in Attack on Titan I think I’m steadily getting into anime. AoT was good. Though not very nice. And there was a lot of shouting.

I’m not hooked by any means but Sword Art Online reminds me a lot of cartoons I’d watch as a kid and makes me want to play RPGs!


In possibly related news I’ve found a swordfighting class.

Art Humanities Words

I’ll take Swords for 400


An intriguing feature of this sword is an as yet indecipherable inscription, found along one of its edges and inlaid in gold wire. It has been speculated that this is a religious invocation, since the language is unknown… Here’s what the inscription seems to read:


See the latest suggestions…


Sword fights are pretty cool

On a related note if you haven’t seen Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi you really need to (not just for the sword fights, it’s pretty funny too). If you don’t like blood then… not so much. I read he wanted the blood to look like flowers blossoming on the screen and when it’s bloody it really is quite beautiful.