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Time Travel Paradoxes


I am technologically useful

Starting from the year 0, [I] might be able to advance civilzation to the 17th or even 19th century. [I am] technologically useful.

I scored 7 out of 10 on the ‘If I were sent back to the year 0 how technologically useful would I be?’ quiz (though slightly embarrassingly I’m not 100% sure which ones I got wrong), and as Jason says inventing new technologies isn’t multiple choice. And I’d probably succumb to the local equivalent of the common cold. Or inadvertently start a plague. Or be burnt as a witch.


Hang this up in your time machine

Everything you wanted to know in the event you end up in the past but were afraid to ask.


I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle

10 Helpful suggestions for killing John Connor.

My personal favourites have to be:

3) Use the Time Machine to Cheat

…John will say “Well, Terminator, I’ll just make sure my future self sends someone back in time to set up a bucket to drop on your head!” Then the Terminator has a bucket dropped on it’s head with the words “Wild Stallyns Rule” written on it, and oh, isn’t Skynet embarrassed! Excellent!

And of course:

2) Have the Terminators Step in Front of his Lighting

John Connor hates that shit.