Levelling up

November 30, 2016


November 24, 2016

And another trailer why not (certainly better than thinking too much about the real world).


November 24, 2016

I was already excited about this but now I’ve seen the trailer I just can’t get over how perfect Adam Driver looks as a Jesuit. It’s like he’s walked out of a painting.

My point is, I think Marsellus Wallace has at least one Silmaril

November 6, 2016

This is great.

But there are some flaws in the argument. Why would Brett – this random nerdy-looking Californian guy – have Marsellus’ soul? And how do you keep a soul in a briefcase?

A stronger theory would have to involve something else beautiful and glowing with inner light, which also impels people to seek it and even kill for it, which also provides supernatural protection to those who rightfully seek it, but which could fit in a briefcase and which a nerdy Californian might be uniquely skilled at knowing where to find.

My point is, I think Marsellus Wallace has at least one Silmaril.

I love love love theories like this (hi Darth Jar Jar!). As with all the best one so much of it falls neatly into making sense! Right?

One last issue: Tolkien’s elves are usually depicted as fair-skinned and lithe, whereas Marsellus Wallace is a really big black guy. Does this contradict the theory?

It would, unless Marsellus were under some kind of magical glamor to hide his true appearance. And there’s actually some evidence for this.


November 6, 2016

I’m doing #swordvember this year (I was doing #mapvember too but I think maps should be like a once a week thing for me rather than a once a day – I get too bogged down overthinking them).

No problems overthinking swords though! Check out some of these dumb swords:


The last one is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s (the hilt of many blades).

Even though many (all?) of these are patently stupid I’m tempted to actually write up rules for them and render them all in a consistent style. Maybe stick it on DMs Guild for a buck or something!


November 1, 2016

I fully intended to do Inktober this year and summarily failed. But! Turns out Mapvember is a thing so I’m going to have a go. Day one is Beacon:


I’m hoping to do a range of map types (so not just all campaign maps or dungeon maps) but we’ll see how we go. I certainly have a lot of ideas, just need to make the time and keep the drawing arm in good shape.