Justice League

November 23, 2014


By Rafael Albuquerque.

I meant to post this back at Halloween but it slipped through a crack somewhere. For those that don’t know Albuquerque illustrates American Vampire which is worth a read (I was sold after issue 1).

Bruce is certainly channeling a dose of Skinner Sweet in this cover but for me it’s all about Aquaman – how badass does he look! Remove the hair and you’re not far from dark Abe Sapien. I approve wholeheartedly.

Superhero Hideout Cutaways

September 2, 2014

Comics these days don’t have enough cutaways.


The Atom

August 24, 2014

I’ve been playing around with animated gifs this weekend; for some reason I’ve got superhero costumes/general wardrobes on the brain and the logical extension of this seemed to be messing around with animated gifs of the Superman and Bats in their pants.


They seemed a little…flat, so this evening I decided to have a crack at another one; as a kid my favourite member of the Justice League was always the Atom (I loved Super Friends episodes featuring the Atom) and I’m definitely happier with this one:

Even if he does have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

Man, man, -Man

February 12, 2010

Just reading Vanity Fair’s, “To See or Not See The Wolfman,” and the last point reminds me of a conversation Al and I used to have back in Brunswick street about how it’s fun to reverse the Superman/postman emphases:

You’re still confused about how to properly append the suffix “man” to a noun to create a superhero/villain name: Should it be two words (Iron Man)? Should it be hyphenated (Spider-Man)? Does writing it out as one word make it look like it should be someone’s last name? If you’re at all like me, these perplexing questions will distract from your viewing experience.

See also: Batman’s batman.

Snow, part 2

February 5, 2009

Being out in the snow reminded me of what I remember being the second scariest thing I watched as a child (the scariest being when that woman in Superman III gets turned into a cyborg) but annoyingly I can’t find it anywhere on the tinterweb.

It’s from the 1983 animated adaptation of the Wind in the Willows and it’s the bit when Moly goes into the Wild Wood to meet Badger and it’s all dark and snowy and the weasels are in the shadows and the music’s crazy scary and then he trips over Badger’s door-scraper.

Given that the Superman III cyborg is nowhere near as scary as I remember I imagine that the Wild Woods aren’t either but it definitely used to freak me out.

On a related note if anyone fancies reading the Wind in the Willows it’s online here.

Everything was very still now. The dusk advanced on him steadily, rapidly, gathering in behind and before; and the light seemed to be draining away like flood-water.

Then the faces began.

Weasels are scary.