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The Reason

I’ve tweeted about The Last Halloween a few times before, it’s a weekly webcomic by Abby Howard (of Strip Search fame) about… the end of world? The beginning of a new one? Lots of badass monsters devouring and dismembering their humans? It’s good, really good, and the illustration is stellar.

It’s well worth reading, and if you want to start now you have 62 issues to tuck into but if you’re not sure just have a look at this week’s. It. Is. Beautiful.

The detail, linework, shading, creature design, it’s all just a delight, and a delight throughout the series but this is a tour de force. As you’re jumping in media res there are spoiler considerations but I think if anything this will just want you to go back to the beginning and read from the start.


Junior Science Power Hour is also worth following (in case you hadn’t guessed I’m an Abby Howard fan, I have two signed prints! :D )


Justice League


By Rafael Albuquerque.

I meant to post this back at Halloween but it slipped through a crack somewhere. For those that don’t know Albuquerque illustrates American Vampire which is worth a read (I was sold after issue 1).

Bruce is certainly channeling a dose of Skinner Sweet in this cover but for me it’s all about Aquaman – how badass does he look! Remove the hair and you’re not far from dark Abe Sapien. I approve wholeheartedly.

My Doodles

He’s dead, Jim


Halloween Shop Fronts

A great collection of photos of NY shop fronts geared up for Halloween: