A modern Prometheus?

Not so much. Just the part where he stole something.

Things I would change about the world to make my burglary experience less shit (aside from the obvious, ‘not get burgled’):

  • Convince Apple to carve their Macbooks from a single lump of lead rather than aluminium – the little bastards will still steal it but they’ll have to bloody work for it
  • Empty my little rucksack of its Glastonbury contents sometime before being burgled so that when the police officer comes round and sees contents of said bag emptied onto the floor I don’t look like some sort of feral creature who keeps a bag of toilet roll in his lounge

Overall things could’ve been worse, most things were expensive but replaceable – the only thing that isn’t is a little Buddhist charm I bought at Konpon Daitō in Kōya-san.

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