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The first iPhone


Well, not really.

While in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) spotted what looked to him like an iPhone in a 350 year old painting.

“You know, I thought I knew until last night [where and when the iPhone was invented]. Last night Neelie took me over to look at some Rembrandt and in one of the paintings I was so shocked. There was an iPhone in one of the paintings,” Cook jokingly explained.

As the title of the painting “Man Handing a Letter to a Woman in the Entrance Hall of a House” suggests the item is actually a letter, and that the artist, Pieter de Hooch saved his imagination for the painting rather than the titling.

Looking at the painting as a whole, of far greater concern should be the creepy kid looking in through the door.


I chose… poorly

In 2001, a PowerBook G4 would have set you back $3500. Suppose instead that you had purchased $3500 in Apple stock instead of the computer…that stock would now be worth about $110,000. Even an original iPod’s worth in AAPL ($399) would be worth almost $12,000 today.

OK, so I bought my Powerbook in 2004 but even so that would work out to around £30k.

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So having spent a good 20 minutes chatting to Jim (of Mermahuataur fame) explaining why I wouldn’t be buying an iPad I now really want one… for my cats.

Having watched this I really can’t see any other option!

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Computer Games


As I’m no longer a Mac user this doesn’t really affect me but the faux ads that Valve knocked up to tease the arrival of Steam and their stable of games on Macs were fairly awesome:




A modern Prometheus?

Not so much. Just the part where he stole something.

Things I would change about the world to make my burglary experience less shit (aside from the obvious, ‘not get burgled’):

  • Convince Apple to carve their Macbooks from a single lump of lead rather than aluminium – the little bastards will still steal it but they’ll have to bloody work for it
  • Empty my little rucksack of its Glastonbury contents sometime before being burgled so that when the police officer comes round and sees contents of said bag emptied onto the floor I don’t look like some sort of feral creature who keeps a bag of toilet roll in his lounge

Overall things could’ve been worse, most things were expensive but replaceable – the only thing that isn’t is a little Buddhist charm I bought at Konpon Daitō in Kōya-san.


PotW – 31/7/09