Art Film

The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Famous archaeologist Dr. Indiana Jones is on a quest of a lifetime, but this time he is fully animated in this passion project by life long fan and artist Patrick Schoenmaker. Over the course of 5 years, he has crafted the opening sequence of what would be the tv series to make all other tv shows redundant: “The Adventures of Indiana Jones”!

I would watch this. No need for swinging monkeys or OP ants, this is what we need. This also just hammers home to me that Hellboy is the Indiana Jones comic I love the most.


Action Movies

I think you’d struggle to argue with any of this (even when you have the dawning realisation that Tom Cruise is the American Jackie Chan).

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I chose… poorly

In 2001, a PowerBook G4 would have set you back $3500. Suppose instead that you had purchased $3500 in Apple stock instead of the computer…that stock would now be worth about $110,000. Even an original iPod’s worth in AAPL ($399) would be worth almost $12,000 today.

OK, so I bought my Powerbook in 2004 but even so that would work out to around £30k.

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