Jason Bourne

**resists temptation to use Bourne Again post title again **

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine years since Ultimatum. And in those nine year Matt Damon appears to have got buffer and hotter.

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Action Movies

I think you’d struggle to argue with any of this (even when you have the dawning realisation that Tom Cruise is the American Jackie Chan).

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Bourne again?

I think I need this book.

Neil’s new book, Emergency, teaches you how to become Jason Bourne.

Multiple passports, moving assets, lock-picking, escape and evasion, foraging, even how to cross borders without detection.

Tim Ferriss has excerpts from the book, and reading through I think in all honesty I lack:

  1. The money
  2. The balls

To actually move all my assets into limited liability companies, become a citizen of a tax haven and launder money, but the Urban Escape and Evasion course sounds pretty cool:

In the last forty-eight hours, I’d learned to hotwire a car, pick locks, conceal my identity, and escape from handcuffs, flexi-cuffs, ducttape, rope, and nearly every other type of restraint.

Though I doubt I’ll ever require any of these skills outside of a stag do.

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