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“Jane is working on a draft of Fables as we speak,” says Heyman. “Nik Arcel [who’s still attached to direct] did a draft, and now he’s supervising Jane, who’s doing a draft. Hopefully that it’ll come in and we’ll be able to move to the next stage. All these things always take longer than you want. And Fables is not easy, by any means, but I think it’ll be pretty great.”

I’m a big fan of Fables. The difficulty with adapting something so big (see also: Sandman) is that any adaptation can only include so much and that so much may not include what makes it great for me. I’m also not sure about Fables as a film, it’s a series with, what 150 issues? I would do unspeakable things for a Game-of-Thrones-calibre HBO series of this but I’ll settle for a film done well.

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Once Upon a Time

Fables Issue #1 available as a free download from DC Comics.