Skirt, shirt, scatter, shatter

If you’re not following Dr Jackson Crawford (aka the Cowboy Viking) you’re missing out. Even if you have only a passing interest in Old Norse myth, language, or culture I defy you to not find his videos fascinating. Hell, if you speak English then his content is relevant to you whether you’re interested in Old Norse or not.

This video talks about old Norse words that made their way into modern English.

The Sk/Sh/Sch distinction is fun to think about, I imagine not all pairs are directly from Old Norse but Skiff/Ship springs to mind (it’s our old friend Grimm’s law!) and in the kitchen this morning Laura thought of School (as in fish) and Shoal. Shell and scale might fall into this too?

Stray thought: Wilson Fish sounds like a very different Daredevil villan.

Design Me


In case you’ve ever wondered about comic book lettering and the ‘comic book font’.

Typography is certainly an interest of mine. A pet peeve when I used to work as a graphic designer would be the inevitable ‘can you send me the font’ after I’d put together some hand-drawn lettering. And even when I had used a commercial font in some logo design the insistence of colleagues that *everything* related to that brand be written in that font (no matter how ill suited) drove me nuts.

I also love the word letterers (see also slaverers).

Comics TV


Pretty excited about this. I’ve only got the 1st Preacher TPB – after finishing The Boys I decided to read some lighter comics (I found the last third pretty hard-going) – but I should pick up some more. After I’ve read some more American Vampire, Transmetropolitan, Manhattan Projects, East of West, Saga…

PS: read the Youtube comments to reassure yourself that the internet still works in exactly the same way it did the last time you were here.


Bill Sienkiewicz

usagi yojimbo
boba fett

Dune, Usagi Yojimbo, and Boba Fett by Bill Sienkiewicz.



From the Wikipedia article on the Comics Code Authority:

At the 1974 New York Comic Art Convention panel “Marvel Comics: The Method and the Madness”, Marv Wolfman told the audience that when he began writing for DC, he was forbidden to use the name “Wolfman” in print due to the Comics Code Authority’s ban on werewolves.


Once Upon a Time

Fables Issue #1 available as a free download from DC Comics.