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The Last Planet


Our best image yet of Pluto and Charon, pretty exciting stuff.

New Horizons is travelling 5 billion km to reach Pluto. To put that distance into perspective: it’s really fucking far.

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Ground Control to Top Space Man

This is a sweded parody of “Space Oddity,” the David Bowie song (and music video). The lyrics contain only the thousand most common words in English. It’s a loving tribute to David Bowie and it’s inspired by Flight of the Conchords, Michel Gondry, and especially the Up-Goer Five diagram by Randall Munroe.

On a related note, Randall Munroe’s next book will be Thing Explainer, an extension of his Up Goer Five strip a few years ago. It will probably be worth your money if What If? is anything to go by.

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Korean Seaweed Farms


From NASA.

Geography Technology


Aerosol optical thickness of black and organic carbon (green), dust (red-orange), sulfates (white), and sea salt (blue)…also included are locations, indicated by red and yellow dots, of wildfires and human-initiated burning as detected by the MODIS instrument on NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites.

Source: NASA

Advertising Design Geography



Like Luke Skywalker’s planet “Tatooine” in Star Wars, Kepler-16b orbits a pair of stars. Depicted here as a terrestrial planet, Kepler-16b might also be a gas giant like Saturn. Prospects for life on this unusual world aren’t good, as it has a temperature similar to that of dry ice. But the discovery indicates that the movie’s iconic double-sunset is anything but science fiction.

NASA release retro travel posters for some newly discovered planets.

Geography Photography


Planet is series of scrollable journeys around the Earth made of photos taken from the International Space Station. Screenshots don’t really do it justice so you should just have a look. Some faves: