No more water, but fire next time

I’m definitely with Justin on this: the old woman = teh scary

All in all this looks fairly ridiculous, but I think my favourite thing about it has to be the message boards where there’s a thread about whether this is just the same as film X or film Y, someone’s thrown Dogma into the equation and a reply reads:

Wow … Loki and Bartleby.

Ya that is so the same as Gabriel and Michael

The least you could do is get an understanding of characters in these movies.

And for the record Loki wasn’t even a Christian Deity … He is from Norse mythology.

But scripture clearly recalls the Angel Bartleby…? Also I think the phrase ‘Christian Deity’ is generally preceded by the definite article, unless there’s a memo I missed.


PotW – 7/8/09

*pun intended