Pennington’s Dune

May 26, 2016


This is the cover my copy of Dune has (and it’s clearly the best) but I’ve never seen the covers Bruce Pennington did for the other books in the Dune series:


They’re so awesome!

More Dune covers…

Awards season

January 13, 2015

A nerd’s 12 best and worst films from 2014.


  • Snowpiercer as ‘Film most like a D&D Dungeon Crawl’ (and still no UK DVD release, wtf?)
  • Guardians is definitely the best comic book movie/best movie
  • Hadn’t heard of Love is Strange but quite interested
  • Still want to see Jodorowsky’s Dune but can’t stream it anywhere :/

In other awards chat I saw Birdman last week and absolute loved it, I know a few people who got bored halfway through but I thought it was outstanding. It could sweep 9/10 Oscars easily and be deserving of them.

Bill Sienkiewicz

October 2, 2014

usagi yojimbo
boba fett

Dune, Usagi Yojimbo, and Boba Fett by Bill Sienkiewicz.

A Cover Darkly

January 30, 2010

A collection of over 650 Phillip K Dick book covers – some pretty trippy covers for some pretty trippy books…




Some of the more eagle-eyed among you (the geeks) may notice that the bottom left hand Palmer Eldritch cover is actually the cover to Frank Herbert’s Dune (at least it is to the copy I own) that they just nicked and reused.

(via Design Observer)

PS: Yes I was tempted to title this post ‘Dick Covers’