August 21, 2015

Sarah Jones is a Tony and Obie Award-winning American playwright, actress, and poet, and holy crap is she good.

Jamie Oliver’s TED Wish

February 12, 2010

Hulk Smash: Swimming, Speaking Japanese and learning to Tango

April 16, 2009

The Personal Fudge Factor

March 26, 2009

Another talk from TED – this one’s making sense of our morals, specifically cheating and stealing and the factors affect how likely we are to cheat (the fudge factor of the title).

The conclusion about intuition and the difficulty in believing that your own intuition might be wrong is something that definitely rings true for me (as I’m sure Gadsby will attest!)


February 19, 2009

My uncle Dec told me about TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) over Christmas, I had a bit of a browse when i got back, subscribed to the RSS feed but didn’t really check it avidly.

Luckily for me a few blogs I do read do check it avidly and thanks to them I saw this.