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A skaldic poem about my cats

Witch’s-friend, claws clutching
cold flesh. No more golden
balls to fetch or falls for
fair maidens this jade-prince.
Her mirror, still, murmurs;
mouse-bane in dreams, house-tame
she lies. A lap-lion,
loathe to win her dinner.

Edit: I made a change to lines 3 and 4 after Dr Jackson Crawford pointed out I had ‘for’ as a stress syllable in line 4.

Art Games

Rozalski’s Giant


It’s worth viewing the full post to see the stages that build up to the final image.

Jakub Rozalski is a concept artist, probably best known (by me at least) for his paintings of an alternate post-WWI Europe populated my mechs that led to the creation of Scythe. (My copy arrived last week. It’s stunning.)

Frankly all of his art is amazing.