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What’s so civil about war anyway?




Gwen Stacey takes over the Marvel Universe in June. Gwen as Thor, The Avengers, The X-Men (pictured), Wolverine, Magneto… awesome :)

(For anyone who’s not sure who Gwen Stacey is or why she’s cosplaying the entire Marvel Universe, Gwen Stacey was Emma Stone’s character in the latest Spider-Man film, she’s headlined her own Spider-Gwen series (which is ace) set in an AU where she, not Peter, is bitten by the spider).

Comics Film

Civil War

So yesterday RDJ was confirmed for Captain America 3 and it’ll kick off the MCU’s version of the Civil War arc (which will also be rebooted in the comics in the coming months).

I have mixed feelings about this, on the one hand it offers a rich Marvel universe on screen (it’s not much of a Civil war if it’s just a few people having a spat) and I can see it tying in to the Marvel TV series very nicely, plus it means I don’t need to worry about running out of Marvel movies any time soon.

On the other hand how will the large cast of heroes be introduced? If you want to see how shoving a whole bunch of generic characters with not-too-clearly-thought-out powers works just watch X-Men 3 (so the guy who regrows his arms, is it just his arms? Or does he basically have a healing factor that’s waaaay better than Wolverine’s?). But most importantly, I can’t see Civil War without Spidey and Reed. But MCU’s Civil War will necessarily be without Spidey and Reed. No X-Men either. I guess by then we’ll have Ant-Man, maybe Dr Strange, we might get Daredevil & friends but it’s not going to look like this:


Then again Marvel are rebooting Civil War and in light of their policies to stifle/cancel X-Men and the Fantastic Four for fear of fuelling their cinematic competition maybe we’ll get a different story this time around?


Marvel Cats

Super Punch has a round up of the best, my favourite has to be Katie Cook‘s Spider-Cat:


Closely followed by Lar Desouza‘s Hulk, Skottie Young‘s Venom and Mike Maihack‘s Ghost Rider:




In related news I’ve ordered Marvel Zombies 1 (as well as the first volume of The Walking Dead) and am about to settle down to a spot of Gotham by Gaslight (Batman vs Jack the Ripper co-written by Mike Mignola).

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