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Quentin Blake curates an exhibition of his own illustrations of birds at House of Illustration, running May to October 2017.

Art People

Tokyo Gifathon

These are just pure delight. James Curran is making a gif a day during his month in Tokyo. His style is so lovely, I have no idea where to even begin doing this sort of animation but I’d love to.

My faves…

Art Design

Community Manholes

These are delightful.

After World War II, city planners in Japan proposed the idea of allowing each local municipality to design their own manhole cover as part of an effort to raise awareness for costly sewage projects. Designs would reflect local industry, culture, and history. The result was a huge success, and now over 19,000 manhole cover designs can be found embedded across 95% of all municipalities in Japan.

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This video takes you on a tour of the factory where the community-driven designs are manufactured:

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Art Humanities People

UK Holocaust Memorial

Anish Kapoor’s proposal for the UK Holocaust Memorial.

Art Music


This video is pretty darn cool. The Scream is especially good but you’ll also see Nighthawks, The Gleaners, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, the Seurrat pointillism one that I can never remember the name of, Escher, and Magritte’s Son of Man:

Art Games

Better Jenga

I love this.

Take one standard boring old #jenga and add the magical creativity of @amyjpeg Ta da! (Scroll to see more 👉👉)

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